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We're Back: The Return of The PlayStation Show Podcast (April Fools)

As many of you have noticed there has been a lot of activity here at We have a brand new logo, a refresh on the website and new content showing up about once a week. All of this has been happening with one thought in mind, bringing back The PlayStation Show Podcast.

In 2008 when we started the podcast we had no idea that it would run for 100 plus episodes.We basically did 3 straight years of weekly episodes for your listening pleasure. That kind of consistency can be hard to maintain. At the end, as we stepped away from TPSS, the Rogue Gamer was born and had a nice run but it wasn't The PlayStation Show. Now years later we're ready to come back.

It is my pleasure to announce The PlayStation Show Podcast will be returning on a weekly basis starting NOW!!!

I know you have a lot of questions and most will be answered in the attached first episode, but if you can't wait to listen here are some of the details.

Who will be hosting?
ediddy999, AustinD, Hamsterfist, BSmith and Redfield. Yep, the original crew all back together.

Why is this happening?
I have the itch and the others have the itch too. If you were around in January you might have listened to the 2016 Showies. That was a trial run to see if we still had it, and of course we do.

How do I subscribe?
Add to your favorite podcast player or search for us on iTunes.

Will you be live?
Just like the old days we will be streaming at Join us every Sunday at 8 pm est.

Does BSmith really fly drones?
Yes, and  he takes sick 1080p videos of trees. You can watch them all here.

Is Hamsterfist still a communist?
Does the pope poop in the woods?

Did AustinD really have sex?
The balls don't lie.

Was that heavy panting coming from Redfield?
Yes it was and it was amazing.

Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy!

Oh and I almost forgot. April Fools!!!


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