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2012 Showies: mini of the Year

Nominate your PlayStation mini of the year. This is one of the favorite categories of The Showies. Leave a comment here or tweet the hashtag #2012Showiesmini. I don't play a lot of minis but when I do I play Wizorbs. It's by far the best and most well-rounded mini I have ever played. Who doesn't want an RPG block breaking game? Dungeon crawling while I break blocks, use potions and unlock chests. Yes, it's that good.

2012 Showies: Best Game You Haven't Played

Nominate the best game that you have not played yet. It's that game that you want to play so bad, but something always prevents you. It can be any video game out there. Just leave a comment here or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesNotPlayed on twitter. I will start it off with the most spammed game this community has ever seen on twitter, Clash of Clans. All spongebobbies every tweets about is invading and getting invaded but us on android can't join in the fun. Either he loves this game or hates us and does it to make us feel bad.

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 12

Jon_Mclane's TPSNFL Power Rankings - Week 12 1.(2) Team Franchise Team Franchise puts up their third 100 point performance in the last 4 weeks, the one week not doing it  Marshawn Lynch  was on a bye and they came up 2 points short of 100.  2.(1) Team Bowser A Nail Bitter win for PSAddiction this week as  Tom Brady  and the  49ers D/ST  put the team on their back. In the playoffs they will look to prove that RBs don't matter.  3.(3) Straight Trash Homie Straight Trash Homie is suddenly the deepest team in the league, with great depth comes over thinking. Will the Homies choke with all this new found depth?  4.(6) I Am Not A Racist A Racist is the leading scorer of the week with their 3rd straight win and their league leading 5th 100 point performance of the season. They're quietly a favorite to win it all.  5.(7) TPSS Bros   6.(4) TPSNFL Bums The Bums find a way to win ugly again. They have  1 legit WR  and  1 legit RB . Since his 31 point perform

2012 Showies: Best PlayStation Plus Month

PlayStation Plus could be the best use of your money ever. So what better way to celebrate Plus then to nominate the best month that was released in 2012. Was in January, February, March, April, May? It might have been June , July or August. Don't forget about September, October, November or December. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Make sure to comment or use the  #2012ShowiesPlus  on twitter to nominate the best month of PlayStation Plus. This is one is an easy one. It's this month. The first month that Vita got free games. What is better than free Vita games.

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 11

Dez Bryant sucks and will probably slap his mom when he gets home. Week 12 Pick'em Games: Houston Texans (9-1) at Detroit Lions (4-6) +3.5 Washington Redskins (4-6) at Dallas Cowboys (5-5) -3.5 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) at Cleveland Browns (2-8) +3.5 Green Bay Packers (7-3) at New York Giants (6-4) -2.5 Download Podcast

2012 Showies: Nominate Your Shooter of the Year

One of the most contested categories for the 2012 Showies is, the Shooter of the Year. Who will it be? COD Vita, Blops 2, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Borderlands 2, Killzone HD Trilogy? There are so many bad shooters to choose from, thank goodness there is one that stands above the rest. To nominate your shooter of the year comment or use the  #2012ShowiesShooter  on twitter. I nominate the only shooter released this year that dared to change the game, the shooter that went to the edge, the shooter that made no compromises. Yes, you are correct, that game is Spec Ops: The Line. It's goes without saying that Spec Ops completely redefined the shooter genre. The only way to properly describe it is to give the the 2012 Showies Shooter of the Year Award. Do the right thing and nominate it again.

2012 Showies: Nominate Your PSN Game of the Year

It's time to nominate the best PSN Game of 2012. Just make sure that  it's a PSN only game. This can either be on the PSP, PSVita or PS3 as long as it released of the PSN first. (Games like Journey count as a PSN release even though it came out on disc later. Also this doesn't have to be exclusive either). You can nominate a game by leaving a comment on this post or by using the hashtag  #2012ShowiesPSNGOTY . I will start the nominations off with the absolute best PSN game that was released in 2012 and that would be Journey. Absolutely gorgeous  the best co-op on the PlayStation and one of the most unique experiences in gaming ever. If you haven't played Journey you are doing gaming wrong.

Panteradown2 Plays - Need For Speed: Most Wanted

This isn't only the best way to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted, it's the only way you should play it. Don't be a sheep and play the dumbed down and overpriced version. Play the fun, cheap and amazing version.

2012 Showies: Nominate Your PS3 Exclusive of the Year

It's time to get the nominations going for the 2012 Showies. Check back here everyday for a new post. There are two ways to nominate a game. You can either nominate a game by leaving a comment on this post for your PS3 exclusive of the year or use a hashtag on twitter  #2012ShowiesPS3Exclusive . This needs to be disc based games only. PSN exclusive will have it's own category. It's just that simple so get to nominating! I will start the nominations off with MLB12: The Show. By far the best in terms of quality, replayability, value, dev dedication, and fun. I mean just look at the video below and tell me that is not the best game released for the PS3 this year.

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 10

This week we talk about everything. Just listen to it because I'm not going to tell you what happened here. Pick'em  Games: Green Bay Packers (6-3) at Detroit Lions (4-5) +3.5 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) at Houston Texans (8-1) -15.5 Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at New England Patriots (6-3) -9.5 Chicago Bears (7-2) at San Francisco 49ers (6-2-1) -4.5 Download Podcast

Left 4 Dead PSVita Style

Sony can't do remote play properly but the community can. I am playing Left 4 Dead on my PSVita via Remote Desktop and it is so much fun. This is the way remote play was meant to be. If you want to be a part of the cool crowd that uses Remote Desktop then watch below. It will change your PSVita life.

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 9

It's week 9 of the TPSNFL update. This week we go long because it's time to talk offensive flopping and how good Dirk is at it. After that we bore panteradown2 and Canada with tons of NBA talk and keeping injured studs. After all the NBA talk we talk NFL and how the Ruff Ryderz are taking no prisoners with another convincing win over a legit playoff contender. Owners are scrambling to figure out how they are going to stop the Ruff Ryderz from dropping a hundy on them. All that an much much more. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Pick'em Games: Buffalo Bills (3-5) at New England Patriots (5-3) -11.5 Dallas Cowboys (3-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) -1.5 St. Louis Rams (3-5) at San Francisco 49ers (6-2) -11.5 Houston Texans (7-1) at Chicago Bears (7-1) -1.5 Download Podcast

Let's Get It Started: 2012 Showies

It's almost that time of year again. Yes the Annual Showies awards! Watch this space for posts on the categories, how to nominate, how to vote and when the showies will be going down. This could be the biggest and badest showies awards that we have ever had. It's time to get hyped. This year we will be using the site as well as twitter to make sure the word gets out. So help with the hype and start using the hashtag #2012Showies on every tweet to post. Like years in the past podcast hosts from around the globe are invited in this one a year celebration of the video game industry. Favorites from shows like The TPSNFL Update, Podcast, Everything Burrito, BZTP, TpSUK and The Boom Podcast. Be on the lookout for nomination posts going up around Thanksgiving and voting to start around the first week in December, with the Showies happening around the first of the new year, This will be an event you won't want to miss so remember to watch this space Podcast: Halo 4Cast Podcast is finally back. This week we have a loaded show. BSmith is back and this time a little less terrible because he let's the show go longer than 20 mins. Also, first timer Darthnation joins the show and brings that Canadian Heat. Jon_Mclane was there but not really and franchise was being franchise and driving in a car. Tons of great content for you this week. A bunch of Halo 4 talk, some DCUO, FTL and email. This could be the show that you have been wanting from us for years. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Download Podcast