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Valkyria Revolution Sold Out?

I was as shocked as the internet when I heard that was sold out of Valkyria Revolution for the PS4. Is Sega holding back stock trying to create false demand? Have we really sold out of all three copies? We are only days away from The Golf Club 2 and all anyone can talk about is Valkyria Revolution. When will Sega comment on the shortages? Why is selling a game they don't actually have? Why is Jon_Mclane using Linux? More questions than answers at this point, but we vow to keep digging. Follow this breaking story on Twitter.

The Golf Club 2 Is Coming!

A friendly reminder that The Golf Club 2 releases on Tuesday, June 24th. Do the right thing and buy this as soon as you can. Actually just be a good person and pre-order because it's the only right move. As you probably already know The Golf Club is the greatest sports game ever released and now the follow-up is being released it will probably be the second best sports game ever released. What a time to be alive. We don't just get one legendary game, but two within a single console generation. For more information follow the link below. Make sure your socks are on tight because they are likely to be blown off. The Golf Club 2

Wheaties All-Stars Perfect Game - MLB The Show 16 - Final Three Outs

Do you remember where you where when ediddy999 threw a perfect game? This happened some time ago but I was just trounced by Bourne34, so to make myself feel better I will leave this right here.