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Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week -1

TPSNFL Owners ​Welcome to another year of the TPSNFL update. This is where you come to listen to a bunch of TPSSers talk about fake sports and dog each other. This first week is all about the draft that took place after the BoomPodcast Super Show. Dreams were crushed and hope was dashed. Listen and find out if Panterdown2's team autopick will have enough to take him to the championship. Did franchise254 pick the blackest team in the league? Will ediddy999 continue to over-hype his team as they under-perform  All of these questions and more in the season opener of the TPSNFL Update!  ​ Thanks for downloading, enjoy!​ Download Podcast

The TPSN Ruff Ryderz Celebrate a Championship over the BZTP

In the battle to end all battles the TPSN Ruff Ryderz team celebrated a championship in style. With their decisive win on Metro in BF3 over the BZTP team, it's clear the best team won.