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Review: Super Bullet Break (PS4)

Super Bullet Break is a turn based strategy game with a hint of roguelike elements all wrapped in a Japanese waifu exterior. I feel like that sentence is gonna tell most people whether or not they’ll enjoy this game. So let's talk about what makes this game different and stand out from a sea of games that have a similar description. The story is as cliche and presented in the most lazy way possible. Through static cutscenes and tons of dialogue, the characters even make references to how boring all the dialogue is, which doesn’t make it any less boring. But, you do get a handy skip option that solves this problem for those who want to get into the meat and potatoes of this game.  Super Bullet Break is broken up into 7 levels with unique themes inspired by different game genres. These themes have “bullets” that synergize to fight together. Bullets are what the games equivalent of cards are called. See each playthrough you begin with a premade deck consisting of cards, or bullets

Review: Arcade Paradise (PS4/PS5)

  Arcade Paradise is part arcade manager sim and part arcade game compilation. You play as Ashley, a girl tasked with taking over her family's laundromat. Ashley sees laundromats as a relic of the past and the big money is in investing in an arcade, obviously this is a work of fiction. Anyways, her old man just doesn’t get it and is unsupportive and won't even hear her out; parents not believing in their kids and being proven wrong seems to be a common trope in video games today. Thus, you set off on your journey to win your father's love through capitalism! Club Sega wasn’t built in a day, that’s the first example of a famous arcade I could think of. Before you can start building your Arcade Paradise ™ , you must run the laundromat to build up your capital. This consists of washing and drying laundry loads, picking up trash, cleaning the toilet, and removing stray pieces of chewing gum. This nets you good money compared to a couple of arcade machines in the back room. Da