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2013 Season: TPSNFL Update Week 3

It's a one a two start for the Ruff Ryderz. Although they were upset this week by the Bums it still isn't time to panic, or is it? Listen this week as we breakdown another scary win by Michigan, Team BeastMode keeps rolling, and out of nowhere, here comes the Brownies. We also talk about why Bourne is still starting Eli Manning over Pryor. I don't want to be on the one to say it, but somebody has to. Listen to hear if I actually say it. We also start a new segment, If The Playoffs Stated Today. All that and so much more. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Download Podcast

2013 Season: TPSNFL Update Week 2

The Ruff Ryderz are back to their winning ways. This week, we don't lose franchise, we hang up on him. Mclane gets butt-hurt about the power rankings and Bourne tried to say the Cleveland defense was legit. LOL! Thanks for downloading and listening. Download Podcast

2013 Season: TPSNFL Update Week 1

It's the first week of the season and although the Ruff Ryderz lost in week 1 they are proving that the power rankings don't lie. They are a top tier team and are on pace to win a championship. Listen to Franchise254 get swept up in a Hurricane and Bourne try to convince everyone that his fluke was legit. Download Podcast

2013 Season: TPSNFL Update Draft Review

Welcome to another episode of the TPSNFL Update. This week we talk all about the draft and how the TPSN Ruff Ryderz are stacked from top to bottom. We also got into how badly Michigan is going to dominate ND.  Reminder to all owners to sign up for the BSmith's Spread Pick'em for more spacebucks. Thanks for listening and downloading, enjoy. Download Podcast