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Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 16 (TPSNFL Finale)

It's the final of the TPSNFL. This week we live streamed the championship between franchise254 and Team It was a close match-up but Beast Mode came through for franchise in a big way. We also get a few beautiful renditions of Fraudulent Night, the official Christmas Carol of the TPSNFL. Thanks everyone for a great season and join us in a few week for the next TPSNBA Update. Download Podcast

SFIV is Broken Podcast: Mailbags at Dusk

Welcome to the 2012 mailbag show. CANADA, ediddy999 and BSmith killed it this week. We talked about gun laws, being brown enough and how The Walking Dead is the real Mass Effect. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Download Podcast Make sure to vote in the 2012 Showies Polls!

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 15 (Playoffs Week 2)

Thanks for downloading the second to last TPSNFL weekly update. This week it's a championship preview. The TPSNFL Super Bowl is set. Two frauds playing each other to see who is the most fraudulent. Team vs fraudchise254. The winner will be crowned with a $50 PSN card and the loser won't have to tell people they won a fantasy football league. Download Podcast Pick'em Games: New Orleans Saints(6-8)at Dallas Cowboys(8-6)-3.5 Atlanta Falcons(12-2)at Detroit Lions(4-10)+3.5 New York Giants(8-6)at Baltimore Ravens(9-5)+2.5 San Francisco 49ers(10-3-1)at Seattle Seahawks(9-5)+1.5 Podcast: Splitting the Rhetorical Hairs with Hot Garbage Juice

Thanks for downloading and listening. Listen in as we rehash the twitter beef we had with panteradown2. We discuss how terrible redfield is. Tomaterr joins us and talks down to BSmith3258. We then talk about going to college, bore everyone and try to get into games. Canada tries to understand why BSmith is still trying to be a gamer. You're welcome! Download Podcast

2012 Showies Nomination Show

Take a listen to the nomination show for the 2012 Showies. Join Spongebobbies, franchise254 and ediddy999 as they talk about the categories and their nominations.  Make sure and head over to the nomination posts and get to nominating. The polls will be up on Sunday so comeback and vote. 2012 Showies Nomination Posts Download Podcast

SFIV Arcade Edition TPSS Tournament

If you have PlayStation Plus then you have Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. If you don't have it downloaded yet, clear up 40 gbs of space and get to it because we are having a double elimination SFIV tournament to see who is the best fighting gamer in the community. Here are the rules. Sign up here in the comments with your PSN name. On Sunday December 16th at 5 pm come back to the site and see your match up. This is for community members only so if you are not on my friends list the you can't sign-up. We will have a bracket posted that will be updated as the tournament happens. At 8 pm EST let's fight. All we really need is 4 people to sign up and I know we already have 3. All characters allowed. Stages to be set at random. 90 second rounds best of 3. Additional rules to outlined once the brackets are set. Just sign up now if you have PlayStation Plus and make sure the game is downloaded, installed and patched by 8 pm EST on the 16th (that's this Sunday). Oh

2012 Showies: TPSSer of the Year

A lot has happened this year. went down, allegedly hosted phishing content and essentially fragmented the entire community into tiny pockets of what it once was. Through all of that, the fans still showed up. I mean, there are at least 3 people at TPSS live shows, and even less for BZTP. TpSUK still has a good following but they're British. Everything Burrito was created, I'm sorry, and the Boom keeps on keeping on (didn't really have anything to say; so cliche it is). Although our community has split and splintered, we are still a community. We are still like minded people that play games and enjoy (mostly) each other's company. This is the time to celebrate those that take it to another level. Those that keep us together, either through twitter, chat, comments, contests, gaming or podcasting. This is the time to nominate the TPSSer of the Year. What community member should be recognized for everything they do? For caring a little too much, for

2012 Showies: PSP Game of the Year

So what the PSP is dead. So what everyone calls it a failure even though it outsold the PS3 and the 360. So what there were only like 5 games released for it this year, it deserves some Showie love. Nominate the PSP game of the year. Comment here or use the twitter hashtag #2012ShowiesPSP. I nominate . . . NBA 2K13 because there was a moment there that I almost bought it. It's a terrible version of basketball but the best PSP game released in 2012. I mean watch the video below and look at how much fun this looks.

2012 Showies: Most Anticipated Game of Next Year

This is a very unique Showie. It's all about a game that we haven't played but really want to. Nominate the most anticipated game of 2013. Comment here or use the twitter hashtag #2012ShowiesAnticipated. I will nominate Half-Life 3. It probably doesn't exist and will never get made, but if Half-Life 2 can win game of the decade then HL3 can be the most anticipated game of 2013.

2012 Showies: Nominate your Overrated Game of the Year

This has been a banner year for gaming. Some of the best games that have ever been made were released in 2012. This has also been a banner year for overrated games. Nominate your most overrated game of 2012. Leave a comment or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesOverratedGame. I will start the nomination with Battlefield 3 Premium Edition. What once was a great game was ruined by the additions of what EA and DICE liked to call "premium" content. This game was so good until DICE made it so bad.

2012 Showies: Nominate your DLC of the Year

What DLC was the best released this year? If you are like me then you have purchased much more DLC than you have played. Comment here or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesDLC. I nominate the NBA All-Star game DLC pre-order bonus. It's the best DLC that was in the past games but is now a pre-order DLC bonus. Thanks 2K!

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 14 (Playoffs Week 1)

Thanks for joining the TPSNFL Update for this playoff week 1 review. Sad news because the Ruff Ryderz lost in one of the unluckiest matchups this league has ever seen. Mclane wins only because he had to play the weakest team and Bourne how to dominate in the losers playoffs. All that and a bunch of smack talk. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Download Podcast Loser Playoffs Pick'em Games: New York Giants(8-5)at Atlanta Falcons(11-2)-1.5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-7)at New Orleans Saints(5-8)-3.5 Indianapolis Colts(9-4)at Houston Texans(11-2)-7.5 Pittsburgh Steelers(7-6)at Dallas Cowboys(7-6)+1.5

2012 Showies: Nominate your Moment of the Year

What was the best moment of 2012? This could be something that happened in the community, to yourself or in a game. Basically anything memorable in 2012. Leave a comment here or use the twitter hashtag #2012ShowiesMoment. I will nominate the best moment ever. It was the moment the TPSN Ruff Ryderz made the BZTP team rage quit in BF3. It was the war to end all wars and when the dust settled the TPSN Ruff Ryderz celebrated like champions. The video below is proof of the greatest celebration the internet has ever seen.

2012 Showies: Nominate the Trophy Whore of the Year

I see a lot of people tweeting about the trophies they get. I figured it's time to acknowledge those with a Showie Award. Nominate the biggest, baddest trophy whore you know. Leave a comment here or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesTrophyWhore on twitter. I will start the nominations with the biggest trophy whore in the entire UK, ZonalRipper. One of the masterminds behind TpSUK, this British trophy whore does what ever it takes to get that Platinum. He's played some of the worst games ever made.

2012 Showies: Nominate your Game of the Year

If the Showies are known for one thing it's bucking the trend when it comes to game of the year. Sure the VGA's can try to ruin GOTY awards by giving it to The Walking Dead, but The Showies did that long ago. How could you forget the PSP Hamster game from the first annual showies? It was so shocking that AustinD left the show right after the announcement. This year should be no different. Nominate the game that you think needs to be The Showies GOTY. Leave a comment below or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesGOTY. I can't put into words what my GOTY is, so I will just link to a video like most of my other posts.  

Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 13

This week it's all about the playoffs. We skip our usual NBA talk to make sure we cover all the details of the first week of the TPSNFL playoffs. Smack talk was spewed, threats were made, and friends became enemies. All that and so much more. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Pick'em Games: Chicago Bears(8-4)at Minnesota Vikings(6-6)+2.5 Baltimore Ravens(9-3)at Washington Redskins(6-6)-0.5 Detroit Lions(4-8)at Green Bay Packers(8-4)-6.5 Houston Texans(11-1)at New England Patriots(9-3)-4.5 Download Podcast

2012 Showies: Most Underrated Game

What is the one game that should have gotten all of the love but just didn't? It either was released at a bad time, the wrong system, or just had bad marketing. Nominate your most underrated game of 2012. Tell us what game you wish everyone would have played. Leave a comment or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesUnderrated on twitter. I will start it off with the best Diablo game I have ever played, Torchlight 2. We have gotten to the point where people should start calling Diablo 3 a Torchlight 2 clone. They fixed everything, made the entire game more efficient, more varied, added multiplayer and tons more fun. TL2 is probably the best game I have played all year and it wouldn't surprise me if it was in the running for The Showies GOTY.

2012 Showies: Peripheral of the Year

Nominate your peripheral of the year. This could be those new wireless headphones that hump your ears while you play games or that weird PlayStation Move wheel controller thingy. It can be anything. Just make sure to add your comment to nominate or hashtag #2012ShowiesPeripheral. I will start off by nominating the PlayStation Move controllers. They have given me rounds of fun on Tiger Woods 12. There hasn't been a peripheral that has been released that hasn't done more of the immersion in gaming than the PlayStation Move controllers. It's almost like I'm really golfing. I mean look at how much fun these people are having.

2012 Showies: Twitter of the Year

Thanks to @derrickgott007  for reminding me to do the Twitter of the Year category for the 2012 Showies. You can comment or nominate via twitter by using the hashtag #2012ShowiesTwitteroftheYear. This category is really a no-brainer to me. There is only one twitter account on the entire internet that deserves to be followed and that is @BSmith3258 . Just look at some of the gems below and you will realize why. Suck my butt. — Brent B Smith (@BSmith3258) November 30, 2012 I don't. RT @ boompodcast @ franchise254 @ bztpodcast I'm not racist, I have black friends — Brent B Smith (@BSmith3258) November 20, 2012 I'm not white, I'm clear. — Brent B Smith (@BSmith3258) October 17, 2012

2012 Showes: Nominate your PSVita GOTY

Nominate your PSVita GOTY. This can be any PSVita game, PSN or cartridge. Either leave a comment on this post or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesVitaGOTY on twitter. This is a really hard one for me. There are so many great games for the Vita. This is truly the year of the portable. There was one game that stood out the best among a ton of amazing games and that was Ragnarok Odyssey. Now although I have only played the demo, that 15 mins convinced me that this is the best game released on the Vita this year. Think Phantasy Star Portable but beautiful and improved. This is the one must play game on the Vita and dare I say it, a system seller.  

2012 Showies: TPSNFL Trade of the Year

Thanks to JT on twitter for this next category. Nominate your favorite TPSNFL trade of the year. Was it when ediddy ripped off franchise254 and got Megatron for free? Or was it when ediddy999 trade raped Canada not once, but twice. Post a comment below or use the hashtag #2012ShowiesTradeRape. I have so many great trades that I am nominating the two below. They will probably go down as the greatest trades this league has ever seen*. *The League does recognize that Bourne34 traded tomaterr Jordy Nelson and the championship last season.

Evo 2013 Trailer: Get Hyped

Create a BZTP Logo and Win $20

Do the right thing and help the BZTP create a new logo. You could win $20. Look below at one of the entries. You might think this came from a retarded school child, sorry it came from Jon_Mclane. Don't let him win. @ franchise254 When do I get my prize?… — Jonathan Ramirez (@Jon_Ramerez) November 25, 2012 Podcast: Audio Delite

Welcome to another episode of Podcast. We are finally back with a full crew. Redfield brings Mr. Burgundy who she is not banging, allegedly. BSmith sounds like a horse while Franchise is racing motorcycles home. We talk about Planetside 2 aka MAG 2, and PlayStation All-Stars. All that and tons of emails. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy! Download Podcast

2012 Showies: Most Overrated TPSSer

Thanks to Jon_Mclane our next category will be for the most overrated TPSSer of the year. Leave a comment here or tweet the hashtag #2012ShowiesOverrated. This can be any community member that is apart of any community. TPSNFL, Boom, BZTP, TpSUK, TPSS or Everything Burrito. I nominate Tomaterr because if anyone deserves a Showie it's Tomaterr.