Season 2: TPSNFL Update Week 14 (Playoffs Week 1)

Thanks for joining the TPSNFL Update for this playoff week 1 review. Sad news because the Ruff Ryderz lost in one of the unluckiest matchups this league has ever seen. Mclane wins only because he had to play the weakest team and Bourne how to dominate in the losers playoffs.

All that and a bunch of smack talk. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy!

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Loser Playoffs

Pick'em Games:

New York Giants(8-5)at
Atlanta Falcons(11-2)-1.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-7)at
New Orleans Saints(5-8)-3.5

Indianapolis Colts(9-4)at
Houston Texans(11-2)-7.5

Pittsburgh Steelers(7-6)at
Dallas Cowboys(7-6)+1.5


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