MLB The Show 16: Sliders or Bust

I love stats and I love sports so baseball was invented for someone like me. For a while now I've picked up MLB The Show and every year is the same, I have to update the sliders to get the perfect simulation experience without sacrificing fun. If you're just looking for stats Out of the Park Baseball is what you need, but if you want more interaction, then maybe getting under the hood of The Show is in order.

It all goes down like this. I get the game on or around day one and play it for an hour or two. I always think to myself, "wow this plays great out of the box. I may not have to change a thing". Then I sit down to play more and little things start to stand out. I don't give up or get any walks, I haven't hit a home run in 5 games or my batting average is sub .200. That's when I start my yearly search for a slider set that works for me. I need something that gives me stats that mirror the real MLB but also tricks me into the feeling that I'm good at the game. They also cannot make the game feel easy. It can be difficult to find a balance, but when you find something that works it can take the game to new levels of enjoyment. is the only place I go to find the best sliders. This year I'm using Armor & Sword & Marino's MLB The Show 16 Timed/Classic Simulation set for my offline franchise. They can be found here, along with a great explanation on what they are trying to accomplish. I don't use all the settings they call out, like auto-fielding or classic pitching (I might change to classic pitching because I like their concept), but the sliders are never touched. I've used this slider set for a couple years and I don't have any complaints. Check them out if you don't think the feel of the base game is giving you the experience you desire.


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