April PSN Flash Sale Must Buys

Here are the must buy games in the April PSN Flash Sale:
From the masterminds behind Heavy Rain comes Beyond: Two Souls. It's a story about a girl, blah, blah, blah disjointed story followed by a quick time event. You need this game in your life more than Kanye needs Amber Roses' finger in his, WHOA!!!
Do you remember the first time you realized that Santa Claus wasn't real? Well Little BIG Planet 3 is the exact opposite of that. It's a mix between delight, whimsy and whole lot of cute little sack animal things. Take yourself back to your childhood and remember what it's like to play again.
The Order: 1886 was the game that everyone wanted to play but didn't. Here's your chance to experience this generation's Heavenly Sword. So what if all you do is play it once and forget it ever existed.
The only good game Rockstar has ever made is Red Dead Redemption. I can tell you this is no Red Dead but it will bring back memories of when you were a prick teenanger.
I hate all of the games in this sale that are playable on the PSP or PSVita so because of that I'll just recommend the four game pack. You get four Rockstar PSP games that probably control like crap, look even worse and probably should have never been made. Enjoy!
Buy Wolfenstein because I've heard it's like Bioshock. I don't really know what that means.Actually, just get the real deal, it's on sale too.

If none of these tickle your fancy you can either get a feather and wiggle it down there or check out everything else on sale. It's up to you. I know what I would pick.


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