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The 2012 Showies Podcast

The 2012 Showies were everything I dreamed it would be. It was a night to be remembered.

So much happened. We had an impromptu reunion show in Segment 2 when Hamster and Austin D joined us for a one time only appearance. There was also an hour in which ediddy disappeared and FireVader happened, which was thankfully edited out to be released sometime in the future.

All of this and much much more. It was amazing and I would like to thank TpSUK, The Boom Podcast, BZTP, The FireVader Reviews Podcast, Podcast, Everything Burrito, The TPSNFL Update and the Community for a great year and a great Showies.

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Oh and the winners of all the categories were announced. Spoilers below.

Journey - 52.78%

Shooter of the Year
Battlefield 3 - 50%

Best PlayStation Plus Month
November - 37.84%

Best Game you haven’t played
Batman Arkham City - 34.15%

Peripheral of the Year
PSVita Cross Controller/Remote Play Functionality - 68.42%

Uncharted Golden Abyss - 36.11%

Most Underrated Game
Torchlight 2 - 29.73%

Trophy Whore of the Year
CGamer48 - 46.34%

DLC of the Year
$2000 of total DLC released for Train Simulator 2012 - 56.41%

Most Anticipated Game of Next Year
The Last of Us - 65.85%

Most Overrated TPSSer
Tomaterr - 35.9%

PS3 Exclusive
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - 31.71%

Moment of the Year
Ruff Ryderz make Team BZTP Rage Quit in BF3 - 77.5% -

Overrated Game of the Year
Battlefield 3 after Premium - 56.1%

Twitter of the Year
@BSmith3258 - 38.46%

Game of the Year
The Walking Dead/BF3 - 33.33%

TPSNFL Trade of the Year
The Sandusky Trade - 41.67%

PSP Game of the Year
NBA 2K13 - 43.24%

TPSS’er of the Year
Staccata - 28.57%

Podcast of the Year
TPSNFL Update - 28.57%

mini of the Year
Wizorbs/Top Trumps NBA All-Stars/Velocity - 27.78%


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